Star Scientific, Inc. is a technology-oriented company with a mission to promote maintenance of a healthy metabolism and lifestyle. Since the incorporation of our Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals subsidiary in 2007, our research has focused primarily on the utility of anatabine, one of the alkaloids found in the Solanaceae family of plants, which includes tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, and tobacco.  Initially, our research concentrated on the impact of anatabine in decreasing an individual’s desire to smoke cigarettes or use other traditional tobacco products. More recently, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals has been focusing on the anti-inflammatory aspects of anatabine, in an effort to develop a range of non-nicotine dietary supplements and related pharmaceutical products that could be beneficial in maintaining a healthy metabolism and in supporting good nutrition.  Learn More

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Update Regarding FDA Warning Letter

The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has informed Star Scientific that it intends to release the Company’s response to the Agency’s Warning Letter.  The Company’s response, which was filed on January 31, 2014, fully explains the position that Anatabloc® and CigRx® are legally on the market because anatabine is a substance that is present in the food supply in the same form as the ingredient in the Company’s supplements, and the products were on the market before any Investigational New Drug Application was filed for anatabine.  Because the letter will now be in the public record, the Company is making a copy of its response available on our website.  For a more complete explanation of the Company’s position with respect to the FDA Warning Letter, please click here to read the response in its entirety.

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